Operational planning tool

Deepinsight Hero

For surgical planners

We consider hospital personnel involved in surgical planning as real heroes. Therefore, we're developing tools to give them superpowers.

Surgical planning is challenging

Planning and following up on each patient is no easy task with the current available tools. With many variables at play, it's difficult to determine availability for a patient and to keep track of the tasks the patient must undergo from registration to the operation. If the hospital fails on the latter, it quickly results in cancellations, and hospital planners generally have to deal with a vast number of schedule changes.

For example, planners often have to deal with situations where a surgery is cancelled close to the operation date. The planner then works urgently to find a patient who can come at short notice and take that slot – in addition to completing all their other normal tasks.

A more predictable working day

Based on this, we at Deepinsight believe that the personnel involved in hospital surgical planning deserve tools that excel in their roles. Deepinsight Hero ensures that tactical plans are operationalized and followed. The solution also ensures that as few patients as possible arrive on the day of surgery and yet are not ready for the procedure. And last but not least, Deepinsight aims to automate several of the routine tasks currently handled by planners – for example, endlessly searching for available time slots for a patient needing surgery. This reduces surprises for planners, improves oversight, and leads to a more predictable working day.

Benefits of the solution

Reduced number of cancellations due to patients not being ready

The solution helps keep track of what needs to be done before surgery. Fewer surprises arise when the patient arrives for the operation.

Improved workflow processes

The solution seamlessly integrates available capacity, staffing, and scheduled operations into one tool. This helps reduce the time spent on planning and re-planning surgeries. Planners can easily track patients, find available slots, and create the most optimal surgical schedule.

Reduced cancellations and easier patient scheduling at short notice

The current situation is characterized by long waiting lists, but few patients ready to come in if there's an available slot. With the solution, it's easier to find patients willing to undergo surgery at short notice. Planning with closer involvement of the patient, on their terms, will reduce cancellations close to the operation date.

Privacy and security

We prioritise security and privacy, and our software has a robust foundation you can trust. Deepinsight creates solutions specifically tailored to the healthcare sector, and therefore, we have a range of measures in place to ensure that we can handle sensitive information safely by laws and standards.

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Collaboration with DIPS

We have e-health and technology company Kernel on our owner's side. Kernel also owns DIPS, the largest supplier of e-health in Norway. This leads to a close and unique collaboration between Deepinsight and DIPS. We can easily retrieve and utilise data from DIPS's systems on behalf of our customers.

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