Our solutions for intelligent surgery planning

Provide patients with as much health as possible through predictable hospital operations

With the correct use of data, Norwegian hospitals will have an entirely new way of managing and planning surgeries! Deepinsight is building solutions that strengthen hospitals in their surgery planning – both related to overall management and resource planning, and for planning and follow-up of individual patients.

Deepinsight Clue

Comprehensive management tool for leaders of surgical clinics

Deepinsight Clue provides surgical clinic leaders with a clear overview and predictability by analysing historical data and optimising the surgery schedule. This results in higher efficiency and lower cancellation rates for the hospital, while also offering proactive decision support to help leaders avoid operational challenges before they arise.

Deepinsight Hero

Operational planning tool for planners

Aligning the surgical schedule at hospitals is a challenging task. Deepinsight Hero is designed to empower planners with smart tools, enabling them to perform their job to the best of their ability. By operationalising tactical plans, reducing cancellations, and automating routine tasks, planners experience a more predictable work environment.

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