Open Positions

Are you passionate and want to improve the day-to-day life of patients and health professionals with data and AI? Then we want to hear from you. Read about our recruitment process and our open positions.

This is how the recruitment process will take place

1. Send us your application! Tell us why you want to join the journey and what you want to work with. We will contact you shortly.

2. An introduction round with our recruitment manager and team lead for the department you are applying to. Tell us your story and professional work experience. What are your values, aspirations and skills? This is an opportunity for you to get to know us as well.

3. How can you take Deepinsight to new heights with your expertise? We want to understand how you work, think and deal with various issues. Preferably through a formal interview about abilities, or that you show us a previous project you are proud of, or solving a case. In this chat, you will also meet several Deeps from the team you are applying to.

4. A chat with one of our founders. The talk will be about expectations and practical clarifications, and a possible offer will be discussed.

Open Positions