This December we welcomed yet another employee to our growing Deep family! Say hello to our new leading engineer, Cyrille!

- Hi! My name is Cyrille and I’m a Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience in embedded and back-end systems, as well as leading development teams. I am excited to bring my expertise to the healthcare sector at Deepinsight.

Earlier this year we started our search for a leading engineer for our development team and posted a job ad on LinkedIn. As Cyrille was looking for new career opportunities, he first and foremost wanted to work for a company where he believed his contributions had a direct impact on the company's products. His search for new opportunities led him to us.

- The job description for the position showed a good balance between what I can offer and what I wanted to learn more about. And I was especially attracted to Deepinsight's mission to improve patient care. I was also particularly interested in joining start-up companies, as they offer a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to help shape the direction of the company.

Cyrille has experience with building back-end applications and data pipelines, and with mentoring engineering teams. Even with over two decades of experience, he is still dedicated to continuously improving his skills and wants to take on new challenges by learning more about the strong requirements for privacy and security in the health sector.

A smooth recruitment process

Cyrille immediately caught our attention with his solid and strong professional background. A few days after receiving his application, our recruitment manager reached out to Cyrille and they had an introduction talk where they got acquainted with each other.

- The recruitment process with Deepinsight was smooth, professional, and I felt welcomed from the start.

We put aside time for several interviews - with both our CTO, CEO and two members of the engineering team to ensure that we were a good fit for each other.

- The meetings and discussions were easy-going and helped me to feel like I was already a part of the team.

So what made you actually decide to join Deepinsight?

- What can be more inspiring than working in the health industry? That was the biggest motivator for me. This was the perfect time to join Deepinsight as the company has started to grow its portfolio of products. In the process of getting to know Deepinsight I was impressed by my new colleagues' passion for their work and their commitment to making a difference in the healthcare industry. I also value having a good social environment with my colleagues.

Cyrille, Ivar and Taras at the office.

Cyrille’s official role in Deepinsight will be Principal Software Engineer with the responsibility of strengthening the software engineering team with senior competence in building large and complex systems. He will also be mentoring the team in making good technical choices for our existing and future products.

- I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in taking the responsibilities to build products that are used daily by the practitioners.

During his first week, he has had a series of onboarding sessions with colleagues to learn about the company, our culture and products.

- It has been a great experience so far. I was able to get to know my fellow employees, who all welcomed me with open arms. To celebrate my first day at work, we even shared a delicious sushi lunch together.

Upcoming projects

We recently announced our innovation partnership with Nordlandssykehuset and DIPS. In this partnership our goal is to develop a new and improved solution for how surgery planning is done based on AI and data.

Read more about our project with NORDLANDSSYKEHUSET

- I am looking forward to participating in the design and implementation of this new system.

We are thrilled to have you onboard Cyrille!

In Cyrilles spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his two Labrador dogs surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature!

Would you also like to become a part of our story and have an impact on how Norwegian healthcare data can be utilised better in the future? Send us an open application: Join Us on Our Healthcare Adventure!

Our recruitment process and hire of Cyrille was done in collaboration with Talented Norway.