Patient Flow and Capacity Planning Using Data

Deepinsight gives you access to data and analyses in order for you to better plan your patient flow and daily hospital operations.

Patient Flow and Capacity Planning

Achieve predictable hospital operations

Canceled and delayed surgeries affect many. It puts patients in a vulnerable position, affects hospitals financially and gives healthcare personnel an unpredictable workday. 

How can hospitals account for the fact that acute and unforeseen situations always will happen at hospitals, while at the same time ensuring that the daily operations are managed well and all patients receive the treatment they need?

The answer is to plan the resource usage based on data analysis. If you use data in the planning phase you will also be able to reduce the waiting time at the hospital. This will give better control over possible breaches of deadlines and thereby strengthens the hospital’s finances.

How to use data for planning

With advanced machine learning technology, you can easily get an overview of available personnel, equipment and operating rooms.

We use data to automatically calculate the hospital’s future needs and available capacity. Department heads and patient coordinators can then use this insight to plan for resource use and patient flow for the coming months.

Smarter planning leads to fewer canceled surgeries, higher efficiency and better patient care.

In addition, our technology will give insight into the day-to-day operations and predict situations that may arise in the long term. That way, hospitals can act proactively and solve problems before they occur.

Integrations toward already existing systems

Deepinsight is a sister company of DIPS. Therefore, our solutions can easily be built on and work with the hospital’s existing planning and medical record systems. 

Our solutions, based on data and machine learning, will improve the entire workflow in the hospital.

Deepinsight collaborates with leading, international experts on modernisation of hospital operations. We do not only deliver a technical solution, but a complete solution to streamline patient flow and capacity planning.


your partner on patient flow and capacity planning

We value security and privacy, and our software has a strong foundation you can rely on.

We always have the user in focus when we develop new tools for the health sector, and do thorough research to ensure that we solve actual problems - not just what we think is a problem.

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Collaboration with DIPS

We have e-health and technology company Kernel on our owner's side. Kernel also owns DIPS, the largest supplier of e-health in Norway. This leads to a close and unique collaboration between Deepinsight and DIPS. We can easily retrieve and utilise data from DIPS's systems on behalf of our customers.

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