Better Patient Care with Clinical Intelligence

We gather relevant clinical data and visualize the information for you.

Clinical Intelligence

The visualisation and compilation of data gives department heads, clinicians and therapists an overview and insight into their own operations. The information can be used to improve the quality of your own practice and patient care.

For leaders or administrative personnel

Are you a department head and want to improve your practice? Then clinical intelligence tools from Deepinsight are a good place to start.

With data produced with our software, you can identify which treatments are being used and which ones work best. You can see the effect differences of different treatments over time, and thus identify opportunities for improvement.

The insight will help streamline the treatment process, thus saving you important financial resources, as well as freeing up more time among the employees.

When working directly with patients

When you consult a new patient, you can check which treatments have worked best on similar patients.

This gives you decision support based on real-time data, and gives you a greater probability of choosing the right treatment method from your initial consultation.

Our technology also makes the follow-up process of patients easier. You will get a better overview of what happens to the patients after completion of treatment.

Software on the cloud

Our technology collects data from DIPS, patient submitted data and data from other clinical professional systems you already use. The clinical data are then structured and visualised in an intuitive way.

Our software can be used in psychiatry just as well as other areas. The difference is which data the insight is based on.

The technology is adapted to the needs of the health institution, and is developed in safe cloud zones with strict safety measures.

Patient insights in real time
Our solution gives clinicians and department managers a simple and quick overview of the patient's development over time, and whether applied treatment has the desired effect.

Deepinsight is your partner on clinical intelligence

We build and operate technology that automatically retrieves and compiles data from your systems. It is easy to install, and just as easy to use.

We value security and privacy, and our software has a strong foundation you can rely on.

We always have the user in focus when we develop new tools for the health sector, and do thorough research to ensure that we solve actual problems - not just what we think is a problem.

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Collaboration with DIPS

We have e-health and technology company Kernel on our owner's side. Kernel also owns DIPS, the largest supplier of e-health in Norway. This leads to a close and unique collaboration between Deepinsight and DIPS. We can easily retrieve and utilise data from DIPS's systems on behalf of our customers.

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